Corporate Identity System (CIS):
Consulting and Defining the First Step of CIS, which is the Corporate Philosophy Identity (PI); next is designing the Corporate Visual Identity (VI), from Concept Design to Graphic Design. Compensation is determined in the consulting agreement.


Personal Image System (PIS):
From Self-Recognition to a Complete Presentation in four steps.
Step 1: Recognizing the true self via self-assessment
Step 2: Defining a pleasant appearance to match your character and social status
Step 3: Learning and applying your new image and creating your new life circle
Step 4: Follow-up visits to evaluate the outcomes, if necessary.
and accessories


Marketing Related Projects (MRP):
Product Design: Specializing in Packaging Design (from diagnosing existing or on-going design projects to hands-on problem solving). Consulting is also available for product promotion in new markets. Compensation is determined in the consulting agreement.

Strategic PR planning and execution: Start from Analysis (existing plan and design) to Detailed Planning (based on the agreed contract) and Hands-On Problem Solving.

Consulting for cross-country marketing strategies: Especially for markets between China and the United States. Work closely with the organization on a project-by-project basis.


Private Consultation:
Available Upon Request

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Corporate Identity System

Personal Image System

Marketing Related Projects

Private Consultation